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Snake - Pipes Escape Me


Tears Of Joy presents Pipes Escape Me, the debut album by Snake. Snake has cast his ethereal net into the astral rain and summoned a blacked out vision of esoteric, screwed up songcraft; an album of wasted nu-neo-folk hymns, lyrical, holy and free. Opening with a percussion invocation that makes us well aware we are entering sideways into the psychedelic mind of a man pushing the pinnacle of potency, we are led through shifted voices, drifting melodies, washed out room tones, and alchemical poetry — all filtered through the hazy crystalline worldview of Nic Barbeln, one of the visionaries behind the unheralded entheogenic trash punks Clipd Beaks and current member of Weed Alien and Indian Jewelry. The visual artist and musician emerged with a trilogy of homespun CDRs, yet here we have his first solo album: compiled by Tears Of Joy from over six hours of music that was written and recorded throughout a decade. The material covered a lot of sonic terrain and we were close to releasing an LP of the brilliant abstract pieces but choose to focus on the songs, as the serpent is a wordsmith like no other, and these full blown mystic inquisitions into the soul - into the sacrosanctity of a life walking the streets of Oakland - need to be heard. Edition of 110. Comes with 18 page book full color art sleeves suitable for framing. TEAR008.

Souls Slowed
She Still Knows

Title Keys
House of Ghosts
Dont Forget
About A Bum
Mat's Pagan Song
Ten Years

Edition of 110.
Comes with 18 page book and full color art sleeves suitable for framing. TEAR008.